Brenda DietrichWe need a consistent voice in the Legislature who is not afraid to stand up for the issues that matter most to our families and our local businesses. Brenda will work tirelessly with courage, conviction and common sense on our priorities, including:

Fair Taxes & Balanced Budget. Brenda knows that job growth and entrepreneurship depend on an affordable environment for our businesses and our families. Repeated attempts to shift the blame and the burden onto local taxpayers through property tax hikes and increased state debt is an unfair and unsustainable approach.

Strong Families & Schools. As a mother and a retired educator, Brenda values a strong foundation centered around family, faith and economic opportunity. She believes that access to a good education and job training – including ROTC programs, technical schools or a college education – will help grow our economy and prepare our workforce to meet the needs of local business owners.

Accountability & Transparency. Government “for the people, by the people” means our elected officials should be accountable to the taxpayers who elect them – not to lobbyists and outside interest groups. Brenda is committed to being our voice in the Legislature through open and honest communication, transparency in the process, and responsiveness to our concerns.

Pro-Life. Brenda is pro-life and committed to preserving our community’s pro-life values. As a Kansan and a lifelong Republican, Brenda was born and raised on small town Kansas values. As a mother and an educator, she has dedicated her career to looking out for the best interests of children.