Donate to Brenda’s Campaign


I appreciate your investment in my campaign to get Kansas back on track. You can count on me to work hard and listen to your concerns. During the legislative session (typically January-June), I do not accept campaign contributions from registered lobbyists, business entities or PACs. Individuals are permitted by law to contribute at any time. You may click on the image below to contribute online, or send your check to:

Kansans for Brenda
6110 SW 38th Terrace
Topeka, Kansas 66610

Donate to Kansans for Brenda Campaign
Donations Are Not Tax Deductible. State law requires that the name and address of individuals who contribute more than $50 and the name, address and occupation for each individual contributing more than $150 be reported. Contributions are limited to a maximum of $500 per person (or $1,000 per couple) per election cycle. More information on campaign contributions is available on the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission website.